House Swap
Skip the traditional sell-then-buy process and try our matching service for locals.

The Idaho Housing Solution for Locals
The real estate market is hot, which is great if you want to sell, but many people are nervous about buying their next home in this market. Is that you as well?

The number of homes for sale is down and many houses for sale end up in a bidding war. Some are concerned that if they sell, they won't find something and end up renting for an undetermined length of time. Plus, rentals are also limited and rents are going up. We understand it can be scary.

Solution: House Swap!

What if you could find someone that has the perfect home for you, and what if they loved your home and were motivated to sell? Would you swap houses and both get what you are looking for? House Swap is a matching service. Tell us about your house, what you would sell it for and what you are looking for. When a match pops up, we arrange a tour and determine if you would like to move forward with an offer on their house and they are doing the same with your house. You will be able to buy a new home and sell your current one off-market—with no complicated bidding wars or escalation clauses—all while helping someone else do the same.

This is a real estate service so there are a few things to know:

  1. We cannot add your property to our database if you are under contract with another real estate agent.
  2. There is no obligation to buy or sell.
  3. Real estate fees apply since you will get our full representation.


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