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We will work tirelessly to get your current home sold for top dollar, all while finding your next dream home. Here is how we put you in the driver’s seat throughout the process.

Engaged as your partner from start to finish, our agents will start with a home valuation, discuss timing, strategy, and your ideal outcome. You will receive all of the information, tools, and assistance to make the best decision for your personal situation. You’ll know what your home’s market value is and what net funds will be available for your next dream home.


Has the last year made you think it's time to sell?
Are you spending more time living and working, and perhaps teaching in your house? Maybe you need more space, a different space, or are considering downsizing?

Let the Build Idaho team sell your home. We provide professional photos, videography, staging consultation, and virtual Matteroport Tours for every listing—all done in-house to ensure the highest quality standards. Our agents will design an individualized marketing plan and pricing strategy to sell your home and get top dollar.

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Seller FAQs

Our team of agents has been asked plenty of questions about various aspects of selling a home. And we love it! first-time sellers and experienced sellers all have questions we are more than happy to answer. Here are some of the most common. If your question isn't here (yet), call or text your Build Idaho agent and they will be happy to tell you everything you need to know.

How do you make sure my home is priced correctly?

As a seller, you want to make the most money on your home while also selling it in a reasonable time. Your agent has a plan to make sure your home is priced perfectly to make you money and maximize buyer interest. Learn it here.

Which factors help improve my home's resale value?

Your agent will look at these 12 factors and more when it comes to finding out how much your home is worth. Once your home's value is determined, your agent will set the listing price based on the market and for how much similar properties have sold.

Will attempting a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) save me money?

No. In this day and age, hiring a real estate agent can actually earn you an average of $65,000 more on the sale and will sell faster. By earning that much, you can pay your agent's commission and still earn more money than trying FSBO. Here is why.

When I sell my home with Build Idaho, how will you market my home to reach buyers?

Build Idaho has an in-house marketing team of a photographer & graphic designer, a videographer & drone pilot, and a content creator. Having an in-house team of professionals allows us to maintain a high level of quality and offer a Marketing package no other team in the area can match. Here is a breakdown of the marketing plan we offer you at no extra cost. And here is why our marketing tools are so effective.

What is the timeline for selling my home? / How long does it take to sell your home in Idaho?

These closely related questions come up quite often. Luckily, we have an article that explains the timeline starting 2 months before you list all the way up to the final walkthrough before closing day.

As a seller, what do I need to disclose to buyers about my property's condition?

There are certain federal, state, and local disclosures that need to be spelled out to buyers and their agents. We compiled them here for easy access.

Is there a way to help make my home appraise for a higher amount?

This is something you can't guarantee, but there are ways to make your home look its best to show the property is in good condition, which helps the appraiser determine its value. You can view our recommendations here and here.

What causes closing delays and how can I avoid them?

The real estate process is rarely ever smooth, but the payoffs are worth it. Once an offer is accepted and the home is put under contract, there is still work to do—some of which may result in the contract settlement being delayed. The National Association of Realtors released a report detailing the most common causes of closing delays. Avoiding them is usually a little bit of extra due diligence in advance of closing.

Will I have to pay capital gains tax if I sell my home?

If you sell your home within a year or two of buying it, you may get taxed on the sale income. But you may have options. Start by talking to your real estate agent and a tax professional.

What do I need to know about home inspections as a seller?

A home inspection is a vital part of buying a home to learn about its condition. As the seller, you should also know your home's condition and how to work with the buyers when they get an inspection. Here are some resources for you:

I am thinking about downsizing. What should I factor into this decision?

Downsizing involves a lot of trimming away at the extra things in your life. In addition, it also involves considering what you want your life to look like after you move, i.e. location, lifestyle, amenities, etc. Here are the top 5 things to consider when downsizing.

What prep work should I do before showings begin?

Buyers have seen your home's listing and are interested in touring the home in person. Follow these 7 winning tips to completely WOW the buyers and hopefully convince them to submit an offer. We also recommend looking at these options as well:

What is a short sale? / What is the difference between foreclosure and a short sale?

The biggest difference between foreclosure and a short sale is that a foreclosure is initiated by the bank when the homeowner has stopped making payments and has defaulted on their loan. A short sale (also called a pre-foreclosure sale) is initiated by the homeowner prior to the foreclosure process being started by the bank. Both involve selling the home for the remaining balance of the loan, but have different processes and outcomes. Learn more here.

The kitchen sells the house. Which kitchen renovations have the best ROI?

Updating or renovating the kitchen is a common occurrence, and is one that can add a lot of value to future buyers. These 5 common renovations won't break the bank and consistently have the best return on your investment (ROI) when it comes time to sell.

Does my home have what buyers are looking for?

Every home will find a buyer who believes your home is perfect for them. That being said, there are certain features that buyers are specifically looking for. Here are the top 8 features we find have been on many buyers' "must-have" lists.

What is owner financing?

Most homes are financed through loans and a small portion are bought outright with cash. However, an even smaller portion of homes is sold through owner financing, where the buyer pays the owner instead of a bank. Also called seller financing, this is often used by investors. Learn more about this financing option here.