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Get Top Dollar and Multiple Offers for Your Home

Selling a home is a big deal, there is often a lot of money on the line. Below is our best advice we share with clients so they can get the most money possible when selling their home. 

Integral strategies to getting Top Dollar:

  1. Presentation
    Preparing and presenting your home in the best possible light is mandatory. A bright and beautiful online display will attract interested buyers. The ultimate presentation is, of course, an open house, but most buyers start online looking at photos and virtual tours. Video tours and neighborhood 360º aerial tours are standard in our marketing.
  2. Attract as many buyers as possible
    By quickly generating a high number of motivated buyers, we are likely to create a multiple offer situation. You can then choose the offer you want that best meets your goals, whether it be the highest offer or the fastest close. 
  3. Hire a skilled agent
    Work with an experienced agent to help you not only receive the right offer for you but navigate all the steps to get the home transaction closed. There are many steps and deadlines. Our agents will protect your interests, handle all the paperwork, and facilitate the smoothest closing possible.


5 Recommendations to Increase the Value of Your Property

7 Tips to Sell for Top Dollar

Why Be 'Show Ready'?

Frequently Asked Questions



5 Recommendations
To Increase the Value of Your Home


As a homeowner, you want to get a high return on your investment. These seller tips have massive returns and are easy to implement.

#1 - New Front Door

As this is the best improvement item on the list, set the tone for your house by getting a new front door. You can get a new steel door with a window for under $500. Paint it with (at most) $150 of paint and your home value just went up to $1,000 to $5,000. Already have a nice front door? Give it a refresh with a new coat of paint and you potentially just made hundreds. 

#2 - Paint Interior Walls

We recommend a professional. For most homes, $3,000-$5,000 will cover the entire interior. The contractor will fix any drywall areas that need attention as well. This can result in a value increase of $6,000-$12,000 in some homes.

#3 - Get A Pre-Inspection

Hire a reputable inspector to inspect your house before you put it on the market. Make any necessary repairs that the inspector identified. Buyers could pay up to 1-2% more for a repaired house and will be less likely to negotiate on price because all of the work has recently been completed.

#4 - Install New Carpet

Replace or get your carpets professionally cleaned and stretched. The new carpet brightens and cleans the whole room. It is one less thing buyers have to worry about and are willing to pay for not fixing it themselves.

#5 - The Agent You Choose

Price is a function of supply and demand, and using a skilled real estate team can increase demand. And higher demand means a higher price. Capitalize on a team that creates in-house and on-demand marketing solutions, competitive pricing strategies, and gets your home in front of thousands of qualified buyers looking to relocate to our area.

Use Build Idaho's Launch Plan to help sell your home. We will help you get organized and ready, identify areas of improvement to increase your home's value, market to our wide network, generate mass-market buzz around your house, negotiate offers, and sell your home for TOP DOLLAR! Call us today at (208) 219-7683 to get started.


What's Your Home Worth?


7 Tips
To Sell Your Home for Top Dollar

Presentation is Everything
Make your home outstanding
  • A clean house sells faster. Declutter, depersonalize, and brighten every room. Let the buyers imagine their life in the house, not yours.
  • The kitchen sells the house, that's how important it is! Pay special attention to decluttering this space.
  • Optimize your curb appeal by washing the exterior of the house and driveway. Add mulch and colorful annual flowers to your gardens.
  • Selling your home in “as-is” condition means leaving money on the table. Fix obvious deferred maintenance, deep clean every inch of your home, and add a coat of paint to instantly add value.

Hire a home staging consultant to improve the sale price by an average of 6%, and sell up to 50% faster. (Home Staging Resource)

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Get Pictures Worth Sharing
Capture every angle perfectly
  • Buyers spend 60% of their time looking at listing photos (Wall Street Journal). Your first impression is online. Stunning photography and impressive digital collateral is a must.
  • Listings with professional photography get 61% more views (Redfin) and can help sell your home an average of 32% faster. (PR Newswire)
  • Use sunrise/ sunset exterior photos to make a dramatic impression.

Multiple photos will dramatically increase your ability to immediately connect with a buyer and attract a higher price.

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The Power of Video
Your competitive advantage
  • Homes listed with video get four times the inquiries of homes listed without video. (InMan)
  • 58% of buyers want and expect to see a video of a home they’re looking at online.
  • 86% of home buyers watching home tour videos are also searching for a community tour to learn more about the neighborhood.
  • In an eye-mapping study, video results commanded more attention than other listings. (Virtuet)
  • 71% of consumers say that video is the best way to bring product features to life. (Virtuet)

Choose a realtor that offers video as part of their listing services at no extra charge.



Create An Amazing Perspective
Use aerial photography
  • Homes with aerial images sold 68% faster. (RISMedia)
  • Aerial images provide a game-changing perspective for buyers who are not familiar with the area, especially out-of-state buyers.
  • When selling a property with large lots or acreage, aerial photographs are even more important to show the size of the property.

Ask your agent if they will provide aerial footage of your home to attract the best buyers.

Amazing Aerial Photogrpahy Custom Home



Virtual Tours Sell Homes Faster
Fully-immersive and HD experiences
  • 54% of buyers will not look at a property unless it has a virtual tour on the listing. (Montreal360)
  • Homebuyers were 300% more engaged with listings with virtual tours.
  • Real estate listings with virtual home tours get 87% more views.

Agents offer virtual tours to reduce in-person showings and increase online traffic to the listing.



Understand the Psychology of Pricing
And how to use it to win
  • In fact, pricing your home correctly, in the beginning, will simultaneously save you money and net more money from the sale.
  • When selling your home, attractive pricing (Inman) and packaging (HGTV) are arguably the two most basic essentials. Getting these right means selling faster, and for top dollar.
  • Your marketing plan should include a pricing strategy to avoid the possibility of a price reduction or being on the market too long, which causes buyers to question, "What is wrong with that home?".

Discuss and analyze the comparables provided by your agent to decide on the current market value for your home and a strategic, competitive listing price.

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Professional Real Estate Marketing Company
Your agent has the right resources
  • Attempting to sell your home as For Sale By Owner (FSBO) typically results in a smaller buyer pool and lower sales price. Hiring professional agents and using their marketing resources will save you money and you will get an average of $65,000 more on the sale of your home. (Zillow)
  • Think local. Host a private neighborhood showing first. Get your neighbors to advertise your home too.

Let the Build Idaho team sell your home. We provide professional photos, videography, staging consultations, and virtual Matterport tours for every listing—all done in-house to ensure the highest quality standards. Our agents will design an individualized marketing plan and pricing strategy to sell your home and get top dollar!

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What's Your Home Worth?



Why it is so Important
To Be Show Ready!


The reason we ask clients to take time to get their home ready to sell is so important. The details do matter and the benefits and psychology to it are well worth the time and investment it takes. Why? More money for you, the seller. If the home looks its best, you have the best chance of getting a great offer. The most important part of this is getting the price right the first time. Learn more here.

We want your home to stand out! Buyers are going to see a number of other homes, so yours has to look better than those at similar price points. The yard is manicured; the entry is clean, and you have taken time to touch up paint, so it looks fresh and new. The entire house must look and feel clean and organized.

That may seem obvious, but the psychology behind a clean house will help you get a better offer. If it is not showroom ready, people will judge. If what they can see isn't well-kept, what could be wrong that they can't see? Buyers want a house that is pristine and ready for them to move in and live comfortably. If they see a home that is spotless, organized, has new paint, and windows are washed, they will know they are buying a home that has been taken care of. In addition, the fewer fixes they have to make, the less they will try to negotiate the price down to compensate. So by getting your home showroom-ready, you put yourself in a much better selling position. Your home looks better than others at competing price points.

When you are selling, realize that by taking the time to make your house a showpiece, and keeping it that way the entire time, you are putting yourself in the best position to get the best price and hopefully, multiple offers. Contact us about selling your home!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Hiring the Build Idaho Real Estate Team Worth the Cost?

Okay, now let’s answer the question you’ve been waiting for: Are real estate agents worth the cost? The answer is a resounding YES! If you’re considering not using an agent or going the “For Sale by Owner” (FSBO) route, first take a look at the stats. The latest statistics show the typical FSBO home sold $65,000 less! All told, you will make more money by hiring an agent. Click here for more reasons why hiring an agent is best for you.

When real estate markets are booming, sellers often look for ways to get out of paying commission fees. If you’re considering listing and selling your home on your own, here are four modern pitfalls you should consider going it alone.

1. Passed Up Profits

Almost every neighborhood is seeing massive shifts from inventory, interest rates, and other factors are constantly moving the answer to the big question, “What’s the right price for my home?”

Homes sold using a licensed agent sell for 20% more than those sold by a homeowner. To avoid making a major pricing blunder and missing out on potential profits, a local real estate professional will start with a customized competitive market analysis (CMA) for your property.


Your agent has access to the most up to date public records data and can factor in important pricing factors like:

  • New amenities or coming developments that will affect home values
  • Competing properties that haven’t shown up publicly yet
  • What it really takes to close a deal in your neighborhood
  • Not to mention agents are experts when it comes to selling and the highest possible price through extraordinary marketing

2. Today’s buyers and agents expect a prompt response after they submit an offer.

Are you going to manage offers around a full-time job or everyday life? Full-time agents will handle it for you and most people just take the first offer that seems good without really understanding the offer from an agent who is out to get their client the best deal.

In addition to being dedicated to providing timely responses, real estate agents are lifesavers when it comes to organizing offers in a way that is easy to understand and evaluate. Not all heroes wear capes.

3. The Self-Selling Time-Suck

While you may think that you’ll save on commission fees by selling FSBO, the truth is, going at it alone can cost you a lot of time. That time means more dollars spent and unnecessary time sacrificed. Additionally, if the Buyer's Agent did their job right there are clauses and deadlines that must be met or the seller can get in hot water.

4 Accidentally Over Looking Thousands of Buyers

Not listing with an agent means you’re opting out of today’s biggest real estate tools for selling: the Internet and the MLS. It is a fact, homebuyers use the Internet to find their home. Without a listing agent, your property won’t be listed in the local MLS, which is not only where other agents are searching, but what feeds website portals where buyers are searching across the entire US and around the world. Additionally, real estate professionals are experts when it comes to staging, curb appeal and presentation - all of which can increase the selling price of your home substantially.

Again, buyers are searching online. Don’t inadvertently brush-off your largest pool of motivated buyers because you thought you could save some money (which you’re not likely to save anyway). 

When you utilize a real estate agent to sell your home you get a much bigger pool of people looking at your home which increases the likelihood and speed of receiving an offer(s) and the probability of getting a higher offer.

Additionally, at Build Idaho

  1. We have our own Marketing Team
    This allows our team to move faster and maintain quality standards. We can move as fast as our clients need us to.
  2. We have everything handled for you
    Between your Realtor and our in-house Transaction Department, we will handle all the paperwork, schedule showings, track all the deadlines & critical dates and make all arrangements to keep you and the buyer on track to close on time, as expected.


We need to understand your situation. Why are you selling now and what are you going to do after you sell? What is included with the house? How much do you owe still, so we can determine how much you will net from the sale? What is important to you in selling the house? Do you need to sell fast or do you need a specific price? How fast do you need to sell? What else should we know about selling your house? If you are also buying a home, then we will discuss the home buying process as well.


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